Our Approach

What We Do

Being located in the beautiful community of Historic St. Andrews, it's our mission to provide quality food for everyone to enjoy. We're right in the heart of the downtown area and it's on us to put our hearts into everything you get from our house. Come make yourself at home.

Our Story

How We Got Here

We use to be apart of a bigger company before we branched off and gained our independence. Phill & Elizabeth bought St. Andrews Slice House and rebranded after selling Bricks & Barley and resigning from their corporate jobs with B&B Restaurant Group.

Who We Are

We're a small group of individuals who bring great pizza to smaller downtown areas. Building, Opening, & Operating pizza shops wherever they are needed or wanted. Contact us when you're ready to become a pizza shop owner and get a piece of the pie.

Elizabeth & Phill

Founders & Creators

We designed it & refined it

Quinn DiBacco

General Manager

Taking care of business

Tim Styles

Production Manager

Making the dough


Contact us to get more information on becoming a part of our team or building your own.